It’s the Final Countdown…

Anabel 3, also known as ANABEL REDEFINED, releases next week. It’s Anabel’s last book, and I have some major feelings about it.

But she’s gorgeous. Take a look at the cover:

Cover Concept Layered v3-2


I promised my fans on my FB page a teaser today…and instead of sharing something from the book, I’ve decided to go with essay revision online.

I started writing Meghan a second novella along the way, and the timeline falls between ANABEL DIVIDED and ANABEL REDEFINED. So if you have some burning questions…this might answer them for you:)

Take it away, Meg.

As I pulled my car into Anabel’s driveway, I sighed. I loved Kevin with all my heart. I wouldn’t have him if not for her. That first night with him—sleeping in my bed, with the giant body pillow in between us (I had definitely learned my lesson from having Anabel share my sleeping space) and waking up in the morning and seeing the sexy smile spread across his face…well. I had fallen hard then.

            I wasn’t as furious at her as I had been. She had seen it at the wedding and I don’t know which had destroyed the day for her more: Jared’s anger or my disappointment.

            Plus I knew—even though she had never said it to me directly—that while she did love Wonderboy, she hadn’t wanted to get married.

            And my money was on Matt having bullied her into it.

            But I didn’t know because I hadn’t talked to her. I hadn’t spoken to her since the wedding. We had communicated solely via text message, often with her writing novels and me sending short-as-possible replies, until yesterday when Kevin had gotten angry at me and told me I needed to get it together and come over and tell her.

            And he was right. I did.

            I owed her that, if nothing else.

            I stood on her porch, feeling nervous, as I rang the doorbell. Emma’s scooter was carelessly propped against one of the white rocking chairs and I felt a pang. Cutting Anabel off meant not seeing my beloved niece.

            I already had Jared not talking to me. For no reason.

            Anabel answered the door looking like she had swallowed a basketball. Unlike Emma, this baby had decided to protrude. Her eyes looked tired and slightly bloodshot, and I had a feeling she had been crying before she answered the door. “Hey,” she said, sounding nervous.

            “Man, you are lucky you had Emma first. There is no chance you ever could have hid that,” I gestured at her belly.

            Anabel laughed, but caught herself. “Come in. I made you coffee,” she said brightly.

            Oh crap. “You made me coffee? Since when you know how to make coffee?”

            “I got one of those things with the coffee pods. They’re idiot-proof. Or so Matt tells me,” she ventured, then froze up after dropping Wonderboy’s name.

            I cringed.“Well that’s really sweet, but I already had a cup today.”

            “So? Don’t you usually drink a gallon of it?” She walked ahead of me into the kitchen.

            She was going to know before I was ready to tell her. “I’m trying to cut back. Not sleeping well.”

            She turned around to face me. “Are you sure that’s it? You’re not just rejecting my coffee because I’m the worst person ever and everything I touch is tainted and you don’t want it to rub off on you?”

            I almost sagged with relief. Anabel’s pregnancy crazy might be enough to distract her. “No, Anabel. I’d love a glass of water, though.”

            She poured filled two glasses with water and then led the way to sit in her library.

            It was awkward.

            She sat in her chair, staring at the floor, and I could tell she was miffed about the coffee thing. I didn’t know what to say, either. So I tried, “You’re not the worst person ever.”

            “Yes I am,” she snapped. “I hate myself.”

            I sighed. “You shouldn’t hate yourself, Anabel.”

            “He won’t talk to me.” Her voice was small.

            “He’s going to need a lot more time. For what it’s worth, I haven’t heard from him, either.”

            She frowned. “Great. You’re tainted by association.”

            I was so tired. This conversation was sucking all of the life force out of me and I just wanted it to be over.

            Then she sighed. “Okay, I’ve been holding it in forever, and I just—I’m sorry—I really need to pee!” And she dashed out of the room, as fast as she could.

            I leaned forward and put my head in my hands. That was a bad idea. I felt my stomach turn and by the time Anabel made her way back, I was tossing my cookies into her wastebasket.

            She hurried to my side. “Meggie? Are you okay?” she asked. “I didn’t feed you anything…”

            I wanted to say something, but I kept throwing up. Anabel pulled my hair back and then quietly offered me a towel. As I finished, she took the trash can out of the room…and then came back with a giant grin on her face. “No coffee. You’re puking. And you’re wearing yoga pants.”

            Her excitement was infectious. I smiled into my water. “So?”

            “So you’re pregnant.” It wasn’t a question.

            I finally let it out. “Twelve weeks. We have a heartbeat. We think this is it, Annie.”

            And Anabel was Princess Starchild once more as she screamed and hugged me.

            It was the most awkward hug ever, as her big belly and my smaller one collided, but it was enough for both of us to know that we were okay again.

            When she finally let go of me, I saw tears in her eyes. “I’m so happy for you.”

            “I can tell.”

            “I’ve missed you so much.” Her voice quavered.

            I squeezed her hand. “I’m sorry. It was too much for me to take, Anabel.”

            She nodded, and then whispered, “I was right. It’s a boy.”

            “Are you over the moon?” I suspected mine was a boy too. At least, that’s what I thought the dream about a baby penis on a sonogram was about.

            Her eyes were shiny. “It’s perfect. Matt and I both really wanted one. I want to name him Benjamin but Matt refuses.”

            Why would he—ohhhh, I got it. “Well, I’m sure you’ll find something suitable.”

            “He’s shot down all of my suggestions. Especially the literary ones,” she lamented. “I am getting to where I don’t care. I just want to name him.”

            I was pregnant and therefore had to be forgiven no matter what I said. “Are you happy?”

            She looked startled. “No,” she confessed. “I mean, I was happy that we got married. I don’t…I wouldn’t take that back, Meghan.”

            No, of course she wouldn’t. Anabel had always had it bad for Matt. And Matt had done a good job remaining mysterious to her, being enigmatic yet allowing her flashes of within. Enough to keep her interested and hooked, constantly.

            Plus Anabel associated him with safety and security…something she had never felt with Jared.

            But that wasn’t the point. “I know you wouldn’t. And I know you love him. And I even know that he loves you.” He did. I could see it. Matt wasn’t as expressive as she was, but he showed his love for her in a million subtle ways that, while not demonstrative, were still poignant and meaningful.

            There were many things I didn’t like about him. But she had chosen him, and I was going to support her.

Are you as excited for ANABEL REDEFINED as I am? ONE WEEK!

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