Update on Anabel 3, and some reflections on Anabel Divided

Writing this third and final book in Anabel’s saga has turned into a total adventure. I had no idea that the following things would be happening:

-Alexis returns

-Crystal’s character takes on a whole new dimension

-Meghan and Anabel totally convinced me that they deserve their own crime fighting business (but it doesn’t happen)

-Sam’s background becomes more prominent

And…right now I will say SPOILER ALERT. If you have NOT read Anabel Divided, then do not continue reading.

Let’s talk about Anabel and Matt getting married.

First off, if you’re annoyed about it, do not blame me. It was not MY idea. She just agreed to it without asking me, and then the next thing I knew she ran off and went to the courthouse with him, and then used her astonishing powers to get pregnant with his baby. I know. I could hardly believe it, but it was what she wanted, so I went along with it.

I wasn’t expecting that book to turn out the way it did, and if you feel bad for Jared, don’t feel too bad. He was an absolute jerk to her at her wedding. While that’s not to say she was innocent, the fact was he exacted his revenge on her pretty well.

I know the ending was a punch in the gut, and it leaves you wondering where things will wind up in Anabel 3.

I can’t give away too much, but I will tell you this–she does have a baby:)

I’m almost done writing it, and hoping to get it off to my beta readers soon.

You have no idea how excited I am about getting it done. I hope you like it. I am happy with the ending:) And for the record–no amount of coercion will make me change it. It has been written for years now. I’ve always known how Anabel’s story would end…

…and I can’t wait until you do!

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  1. Parker J Cole January 12, 2015 at 1:57 pm

    OH my gosh! I’m salivating! Can’t wait!

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